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Migrate Your Website from HTTP to HTTPS

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As Google tightens the noose on HTTP, Chrome is to stick ‘Not secure’ on pages without https.

This Google change can directly affect the credibility of your website and your search rankings
and is potentially far-reaching for many businesses’ digital presence.

To help you migrate we have provided some more information below and a list of common questions.

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Why move your website to HTTPS?

Google introduced SSL as a weak ranking signal way back in 2014.
At the time, they hinted that over time, they might decide to strengthen it

as a signal because they wanted to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

Did you know that 50% of page one search results are now HTTPS! 
…and this is likely to increase as we move into 2018.


It’s safer for your Visitors

HTTPS is especially important over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.
Anyone on the same local network, such as a coffee-shop or other public network
can “packet sniff” and discover sensitive information about your visitors.
Common Questions
Q1: Does Migrating to HTTPS change my website or design?
No. We are only moving it to HTTPS.
Your Site design, pictures, content, & settings stay the same although we do have to update all of your links for you.
Q2: Do I need to upgrade my existing hosting plan to migrate to HTTPS?
No, generally all shared hosting providers have a service to allow you to enable HTTPS.
Q3: How does this influence my google rankings?
After you switch over to HTTPS, your rankings should improve over time.
Google announced back in 2014 that having an SSL certificate is considered a positive ranking factor, so it’s worth the investment.
Google states that initial fluctuations can happen with any site change.
They can’t make any guarantees, but their systems are usually good with HTTP -> HTTPS moves.
Q4: What do you need from us to get started?
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Q5: Do I get a padlock in the address bar?
All our SSL Certificates provide for secure https:// browsing and browser padlock.

Q6: How much does it cost?
There are two elements to this – the SSL certificate (renewable annually) from £95 per year

and the work required for the HTTPS migration from £195 (one off charge)…


SSL Certificate

Simple SSL Certificate: £95.00 per year  
We also have other options for large businesses, online traders/retailers and those requiring more comprehensive security. Please contact us and we will advise you.


HTTPS Migration

HTTPS Migration Works: from £195.00 
(typical price for an average 20 page WordPress site. Larger sites/other platforms we can quote you for – please contact us).

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The Process

Migrating to HTTPS is a complex process that requires a qualified SEO technician experienced in all the technical aspects required to do it properly.
Simply installing the SSL Certificate on the Domain will not provide a properly secure site and could have a negative effect on SEO.

Note:  Pricing excludes any additional software required by website applications such as shopping carts. We will quote separately for larger sites and non-Wordpress platforms.